3D Design

I am able to offer a 3d design service both to end customers, and to assist in delivering projects designed by architects or other designers.  This enables the customer to visualise the finished project, be it a building, or something to go in or on a building such as a staircase, balcony, or kitchen.  It also allows production of local authority planning drawings if required.   I am able to design 3d elements for approval by architects and inclusion in their projects.   Fabrication drawings can then be sent to specialists such as steelwork fabricators or joinery shops, as well as being used to make or fit items on site.


Hybrid Oak/Steel Building

Click image for Case Study

3D model by Steve Epps

Finished Building

Bespoke Balcony - 3d CAD by Steve Epps



Finshed balcony

Rolling floor with frameless glass balustrades, that opens and shuts.  CAD drawings by Steve Epps

Bearing Detail

Floor Being Installed - click image below for video of moving floor in action